Red Velvet Cake War AUDITIONS [CLOSED]


Monday and Tuesday December 7 & 8, 2015
7 PM
Christ Episcopal Church
409 E. High Street
Springfield, Ohio
(Park in the lot to the east of the church)

Directed by Kathleen Day, this is a riotously funny Southern-fried comedy revolving around three cousins who could not have picked a worse time to plan the family reunion! The play is packed with “interesting” family members, busy-body neighbors and a number of unfortunate circumstances. But the reunion must go on, and things continue to spin hilariously out of control. On top of it all is a high-stakes wager about who bakes the best red velvet cake. And then there is the tornado! Oh, that all family reunions were this much fun!

The cast requires eight women ranging from late 40s to 80s and three-four men ranging from 50s to 80s.

The characters:

Cee Cee Windham- hostess of the local cable TV show
Gaynelle- reunion hostess in danger of becoming unhinged due to a series of misfortunes
Jimmie Wyvette- the second of the cousins; a little rough-around -the -edges; manager of the local Western wear store
Peaches- another of the cousins, sassy and a firebrand who also happens to be the best mortuarial cosmetologist in the tri-county area
Aunt LaMerle- a lady with an interesting past who is also a constant thorn in the side of the cousins. She is really not a very nice person!
Uncle Aubrey- favorite uncle of the cousins, and a “character” in every sense of the word! Aubrey and LaMerle are great sparring partners!
Bitsy Hargis- prissy neighbor and rival of Jimmie in the pursuit of an eligible widower
Mama Doll Hargis- elderly mother of Bitsy, and love interest of Uncle Aubrey
Newt Blaylock- a mysterious stranger who is sweet on Gaynelle; his eagerness to win her approval leads to hilarious consequences…..well, unless you are Elsa
Elsa Dowdell- a court-appointed psychologist sent to examine Gaynelle
Sheriff Grover Lout- because with this crew, a town had better have a sheriff!
Purvis Verdeen- another cousin; amateur photographer and hero of the reunion when the tornado comes

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