Shrek Jr. Full Cast List Announced!

Shrek Jr Cast List!!!!!
Thank you to everyone that came to auditions. We are so excited about this show. Parent meeting is at 6:30 on Monday, July 18 at Northminster Presbyterian Church. We will have a read through immediately following the meeting until 9pm. The next two rehearsals are full cast singing Tuesday, July 19 from 7-9 and July 20 from 7-9. Please respond in the comments of our facebook post to accept your part. We look forward to seeing you next week! See our Facebook event. We look forward to seeing you next week!
Fairy Story Tellers
Avery Mallory
Jessa Beard
Jaidin Smith
Chloe Daniel
Emily Washburn
Marissa Sagraves

Mama Ogre – Lauren Allen
Papa Ogre – Ian Williams
Little Ogre – Noah Chesshir
Shrek – Tanner Chaffin
Captain of the Guards – Nicholas Jones
Pinocchio – Tim Compston
Big Bad Wolf – Megan Nolan
Three Little Pigs – Emma Wasinger, Anastacia Weislak , Kiersten Young
Wicked Witch – Jennifer Hillard
Peter Pan – Ava Seall
Ugly Duckling – Natalie Berry
Mama Bear – Eleni Linardos
Papa Bear – Matthew Jones
Baby Bear – Taylor Compston
Donkey – Trinity Sherry
Lord Farquad – Raymond Jones
Gingy – Seth Malone
Young Fionna – Vanessa Hagenbuch
Teen Fiona/Fiona – Anna Bielawski
Fiona – Ava Sullivan
Puss in Boots – Kolton Rice
Three Blind Mice – Maria Hartung, Elisabeth Hartung, Georgianna Hartung
Dragon – Kori Moore
Pied Piper – Breah Weislak
Bishop – BreahWeislak
Dwarf – Noah Chesshir

Guards, Knights, Rats, Rooster, Birds, Trees – TBA in rehearsals

Duloc Citizens and Fairy Tale Creatures
Caitlin Young
Serrena Hill
Alexa Beard
Gabriel Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Vanessa Chance
Chloe Sample
Georgia Gaskins
Emma Mallory
Alyse Linardos
Olive Hobson
Lydia Perry
Alivia Penwell
Taylor Scott
Ellah Smith
Carissa Buehler
Gloria Lopez
Sophia Lopez
Haley Money
Elizabeth Hill
Emma Rathbun
Isabelle Rathbun
Abigail Rathbun
Adam Chesshir

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